ok so remember when i said i had a horrible dream that britney spears died?

from where i can remember my brother and i were just getting home and we already knew britney had passed away and we were like talking about it and stuff and being really sad…and we brought home taco bell to eat and the receipts were printed with random britney quotes and had her face printed on the background which was admittedly really weird but we were really sad about that because y’know it’s a dream.

anyway then eventually my dad came home like early or something and he had us get ready to go out with him for something, and i went upstairs to the bathroom to wash up and i put on “i wanna go” and was sobbing really hard in the middle of like brushing my teeth and shit. then i was walking out to the car with my brother and i told him about me sobbing while listening to her music and i started sobbing again and then my mom pulled into the driveway and we were trying to decide if we should ride with our mom or our dad and then i woke up.

oh and for some reason half of my lower front teeth were painlessly removable. this was revealed before i was brushing my teeth but i have no idea why.

and that’s my story.

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  • Posted: 05 September 2011